Tell Me More About Remedy Rhythms

Remedy Rhythms is a Shaker High School-based campaign, established from within a project launched by the University Hospitals Health Scholars Program, in Cleveland. Recently, Music Therapy was ranked in the top three most effective “non-pharmological” treatments to combat the pervasive opioid addiction. Traditionally, this efficacy of this unique treatment greatly increased the quality of patient life, while decreasing the effects of pain, stress, and impairments. The goal of our initiative is to raise money to donate towards the UH Music Therapy Program and its unique & dedicated team. From here we will help patients by lowering anxiety, shortening recovery time, and creating a sense of hope towards their rehabilitation.

In partnership with the UH Connor Integrative Health Network, our goal is to provide musical aid tailored to meet the needs of each individual. The elite team of specialists strive to create an open and friendly environment to allow patients to feel comfortable. Therefore, the one on one interactions provide a creative and expressive outlet for communicating emotions. UH is dedicated to music therapy in both adults and children forming an example to future music therapists around the country.

What is a music therapist?

Music therapists are dedicated individuals whom are trained to treat mental and emotional stress related problems through collaborative musical intervention including music lessons, writing songs, creating melodies, etc. To become a music therapist one must acquire at least a bachelor’s degree in music therapy. To do this, completion of both musical and medical classes such as biology, phycology etc. are necessary. Beyond academic skills, one must show empathy, creativity, imagination, and patience to be well suited for the job.

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